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»Work Experience

Sotware Developer - Ziffity Solutions
As a Machine Learning developer, my job was to extract and analyze customer data (from eCommerce websites) and develop classification models based on it. That data was then used to extrapolate consumer purchasing behavior and generate personalized recommendations

Data Analyst (Intern) - SPI Cinemas
Automation Project – The scope of the project included documenting the Operational data of SPI Cinemas with respect to Ticketing, Housekeeping, and Concession, eliminating redundant process and implementing technology to reduce laborious tasks.
Augmented Reality Project – This project included developing an AR Application using Unity and Vuforia for the Sales and Advertising team.

Design Intern - VoLT
VoLT is an Android application that helps users to improve vocabulary. Assisted VoLT in Wireframe design, Content Creation, Marketing

»I'm glad that you want to know about me.

I'm currently pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai.
An AI enthusiast. Believes in radical decentralisation. Exploring everything within and beyond. Also, I'm known to be a voracious conversationalist. Gravitated towards Data Science. Tech blogger, love to talk about ideas that can push the human race forward.

»Let me list some of the things I've worked on!

Recommendation engine -
Using the concepts of Machine learning, NLP and Data Science. This project involves development of a recommendation engine using PredictionIO

Baemax (Personal AI) -
Baemax is a personal health care assistant. A web application that takes in user voice input/ health queries and generates health tips

ChatX (Chatbot) -
Developed using Stanford NLP, this bot provides fluidic conversations on social media platforms.

Augmented Reality Application -
It was developed using Unity and Vuforia for interacting means of advertisement

Web Development (eCommerce application) -
A complete marketplace developed using Magento and Zend Framework.

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